You Can Help People With Disabilities Be More Independent

When the Community Helps Persons with Disabilities - Persons with Disabilities Help the Community.
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Our Purpose

The primary purpose of UVAH is to help people with disabilities meet their full potential as individuals and productive citizens in our community. We do this by providing a wide range of services, a supportive environment and by educating and involving the community in an effort to integrate people with disabilities into community life.

We provide assessment, employability development, social development, follow-up and additional support services to improve the social and economic independence of people with disabilities.

UVAH has two major programs to achieve these objectives - the Rural Adult Program and Mayacama Industries. In 2008, L.I.F.E. Services was added as a new service. All services are co-sponsored by the Ukiah Unified School District Adult School. Private or third-party funding is accepted for all UVAH services. Learn How You Can Help (Click Here)